Items offered for trade: This list is for items that people will be trading at the Friday get-together, mostly foods and other things that we make on an on-going basis (see the local classifieds list for one-time items that you would have someone go to your house to buy).  If you have an item to sell or trade, send me the following information, and I'll add your items to the list: your name, brief description of your item, its value (for trading or selling), how much of the item you will bring to the Friday get-together, whether you would appreciate pre-orders, and how to contact you for preorders.  Send to:

 1. Homemade organic tempeh, Cindy Palacios, $8/lb cash or $6/lb trade, I'll take 5 lbs on Friday Dec. 2, if you want to preorder, call me 873-4248.

2. Organic jerusalem artichokes, Cindy & Joel Palacios, price TBD, we'll take several lbs on Friday Dec. 2, preorder if you want more than that 873-4248.

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Items sought: Is there something you wish you could find locally but don't know who has it?  Email me your list of goods that you would like to find and I will add them to the list.

 1. Looking for local, responsibly-raised chicken or duck eggs - Cindy & Joel 873-4248

2.  Looking for freshly caught salmon - Cindy & Joel 873-4248

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