The Upriver Trading Collective is an informal group of people in the Upper Skagit Valley who are interested in doing more trading of goods amongst themselves, and who are also joining as a group for imported goods, like bulk foods.

While many of our members are also interested in the Upriver Coop project that is currently afoot, this trading group is currently a separate entity.

 December Get-Together Information

Another bulk order date is coming up for all who are interested.  You can download the order form from the "bulk ordering" page on this site and it has instructions with it.  A zipped Excel version of the current bulk catalog is also available.  If it won't open for you, there are also quite a few paper copies floating around by now, too.  Orders will be due anytime Tuesday February 3rd, and then the order pickup time will be Friday Feb. 6th at 2 pm, at the Marblemount Community Hall (they have an outdoor pavillion that is a perfect unloading/sorting spot in case that day turns out to be rainy - we used it for the previous order and it was great).  A new request from me: if you order via email, please follow up with a phone call so that I won't worry that I've missed anyone's email.  873-4248.  Until you talk to me on the phone, assume I don't know you ordered!




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